What Advantage of Using CMS

May 29 2018

Website for Business

In the Modern area, a website is making a huge impact on your business and giving your business a global presence. Having a modern/compact website give your end client to know more about your business, your working nature, your team, a sample of work and many more. They get a complete picture of your business and can think of what u can do for their business.

Why CMS for our business

CMS stands for Content Management System. A CMS allows administrator/website writer with limited knowledge of web editing to manage/update the content of their website. As business nature change/ some information may need a regular update on websites. In the traditional way of a website, it's a huge challenge to update the content of the website and you may need a web expert to do that Work and may involve additional maintenance cost. Using CMS  you may easily make those changes with just small click / any time without breaking any existing functionality.

Which CMS to choose

Now in modern days we have 100+ different CMS  floating around and each day we have new things born. Some popular CMS is #Wordpress, #DNN, #Joomla, #Magento, #siteinfity, #umbraco  and many more. Each having their own advantage/disadvantages. Some of them developed on PHP programming and few of them using Microsoft Technology. PHP programming language is easy to develop, Cost-effective, quick turnaround. They have some challenge like Unsecured platform, Scripting language, Lack of handling. Other hands Microsoft Technology based CMS having some advantage like More Security, Large application, Compiled code along with disadvantage like Bit costly in development, Hosting and management. We as hosting /development company using MS Technology Based #DNN or call DotNetNuke(

DNN Advantage

DNN is open source CMS that are available in freeware and professional version. You can use Community Editions to build a website that is absolutely FREE. We choose that CMS to setup website put on Design or template or Skin to give a unique modern look. Websites will work on any device with the way we do handle template for any device. To More about DNN Software go to

What we offering


We now offering a FREE DNN website up to 8- pages design. If your website looks old or not impressive we will do design as per your need and provide up to 3 different templates and u can pick anyone for your websites. All this you don't need to pay anything. What you need to signup for our service, post login you need to fill up information how you would like your websites to be, your content/ images etc. If you want your content to be written as fresh that we will do by charging normal fees.





Yes, Its valid question for people and we do this by charing a small amount of hosting fees. You need to pay just 1st and 6th-month hosting fee at the time of signup process that's it. You paid an amount for hosting Service for your website, not for modern design. Our Cloud-based hosting with, uptime tracker keep you relaxed. Apart from that our hosting service comes with 2-hr of website service. You can request 2-hr of any work you may need on your website that will be FREE with hosting service.  We will do all upgrade your website to make it with modern technology.



Sign up Process

Its quick do by just giving a click on links  Signup. If you still have any question do connect with us.  Feel free to add your comment/share. Appreciate your time on that.  Contact Us